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As an actor, his first performance in a TV series was in CSI: Miami as Derek Powell in 2009 in two episodes entitled “Sink or Swim,” and “Presumed Guilty.” He has taken help from celebrity trainer, Mark Jenkins.

The entrepreneur has also launched a fitness water called , which contains 72 electrolytes and no added sugar; hence zero calories.

And rather than having a prom date from school, she brought her brother’s brother Christian Combs! Last night, celebrity stylist Misa Hylton-Brim, who shares a son (Justin) with Diddy, sent her daughter Madison off to prom.

And you’ll notice, Madison’s date wasn’t the typical high school prom date.

That ghetto personality that she works so hard to conceal came out of her. So she’s gotta go through all the bs I had to go through back in the day. Misa on why she took Puff to court to increase her child support: The money is relative to him. ) are able to have different extracurricular activities, they have tutors, they have programs that they are in.Sarah says Misa is sweet and she attended Justin’s birthday party on Saturday with Chance who loves Justin to death. But now she’s just a bitter old hag who feels she’s entitled to treat people like dirt.I’ll never forget shooting an event for her for free back in 2007, and the next day she called me. Instead, she ranted and raged because I didn’t put the pictures up on my site quickly enough.Date of Birth: January 6, 1973 Ethnicity: *African-American (father) *Japanese, Afro-Jamaican (mother) Misa Hylton-Brim is an American fashion designer and stylist.She was raised in the suburbs of Mount Vernon, New York.

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