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If you’ve ever ordered a product or commissioned a service over the internet, via email or by phone, then you are doing so under a Distance Selling contract.

The supplier must provide you with specific information related to your rights and their obligations under a distance selling contract.

As usual, the BBC is your go-to provider for pretty comprehensive Glastonbury 2017 live coverage – whether you want to watch online, on your TV, your mobile, listen on the radio or via the Red Button.

The coverage will include live streams of six stages and highlights of more than 100 artists on i Player.

The first book was a foreign based, external effort, nominally authored by a Sudanese reporter, Ahmed Tayfur, titled “The Truth about the ELF”.

The second was an insider job, an effort from within the national movement itself, a manifesto, said to have been authored by Issayas Afeworki, Titled “Nehnan alamanan”.

If you have met the seller at any point (such as to test drive or agree the sale of a car), or if it is with a shop which doesn’t make a habit of selling in this way, you won’t be covered and should look to Sale of Goods legislation instead.Headliners include Radiohead, Foo Fighters and Ed Sheeran for the 2017 line-up.If you didn't get a ticket there are plenty of ways of getting live coverage so you don't miss any of your favourite bands.It is free to join but if you want to use all the features then there is a small subscription fee (this helps me pay for the hosting and running of this site!New Regulations have introduced greater consumer protection measures for the increasing number of people buying online and by mail order.

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