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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. So that means, if you get some good photos that show you as the handsome man you are. well I guess I fit in the #5 category - I am over 40 and yes....a BBW....nevermind the fact I am very, very educated, professional and have much to offer.....guys don't want a woman like me........ At present with your poor photos and negative profile you are at the bottom. Spend two hours in the summer heat at a concert, and a vendor selling water for a bottle will get your money if you're dying of thirst.

As a traveler, an easy way to get a date is to use online dating apps like Tinder.Many tourists hate Jakarta because they visit it the wrong way.They check the things to do in a guidebook or on the internet, and then try to do as many as possible in a short time.I would never marry someone who I didn’t feel was the right person for me of course so I am not desperate but am marriage oriented.From experience I believe that for a man to be ready for marriage and kids it’s not always just about meeting the right woman but also him simply being ready and being “in the mode” and just reaching the point in his life where he feels that settling down is the next logical step in his life.

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