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and helps pay the costs of web sites, software tools, and yes… UNLESS YOU WORK FOR FREE and have zero income, please don’t steal my images! Italian scientists hope to dig up the remains of Leonardo da Vinci in order to determine if his most famous painting, the Mona Lisa, is a cryptically disguised self-portrait.“If we manage to find his skull, we could rebuild Leonardo’s face and compare it with the Mona Lisa,” said anthropologist Giorgio Gruppioni, who is part of a team from Italy’s National Committee for Cultural Heritage, a leading association of scientists and art historians, which is undertaking the investigation. But i always believed that there's a man with whom I can create strong family. I want to meet my Beloved one and to keep Love and honesty till the end. It is the same story almost word for word, mum lives with her and grandfather picks mushrooms and aunt works in airport etc....

Working with my photographer was a great experience.

The photos worked immediately, and I’m so glad that I used your services.

I went from virtually no interest in my profile, to not being able to keep up with how many wonderful guys were responding to me.

I prefer having happy clients, and expect to be paid for WHAT THEY LIKE, VALUE, and WANT TO HAVE commemorating that event; capturing those moments & memories.

, as it helps pay for me to get to more shoots, to deal with my camera gear (repairs, upgrades, and new equipment)…

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