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You can probably name more break-ups, divorces, unhappy relationships than people who are getting it right. Are we going to do something about it or just keep drinking too much wine as we bitch to our friends?

Which dress would you prefer: the pink one or the red.

Our expert speed dating diva loves wearing long and short dresses at her speed dating, so the must have fashion item of your speed dating is the dress.

Match her dresses with gorgeous jewelries and elegant hairstyle.

I AM ICICIBANK ACCOUNT HOLDER today i got message that RS 500/WAS DEBITTED FROM ACCOUNT 7/9/2012 04;38PMI HAVENTED PURCHASE ANY ITEM ON LINE THEN HOW MY ACCOUNT WAS DEBITED KINDELY REFUND MY AMOUNT TO NAVAS 09656312407 Submitted by Dulkhar on Sep 7th, 2014 i've just noticed 2 charges on last 2 months bank statements aswell, 50 pound altogether.

never heard of this cupid bill till i read my checked my statement.

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