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And, consider Dean seems to want some space from Kristina on Both also just took a trip up the coast to the Bay Area. It could also hint that they're not just still dating, but also spending enough time together to travel.

Danielle posted some pics from San Mateo, while Dean was in San Francisco. cast members both being friends with a third, but, in the words of the Spice Girls: "If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends." Maybe Dean and Danielle's relationship is still going because they have a few friends in common. The two haven't commented about one another, or even given veiled hints about what will happen between them. That sure doesn't sound like a man in the throes of newfound love.

And after years of being "just friends" after going on one date awhile back, Wells finally made a move on Danielle M., just as she was leaving The friends, who both live in Nashville, shared their first kiss after Wells walked Danielle out of Paradise, with a very happy Danielle later saying it was "a good kiss" and hinting that the twosome would need to have a conversation once she got back from her trip. ) Cue the Internet immediately envisioning their wedding taking place during next summer's premiere episode.

But what's the latest on Wells and Danielle, now that she is back from her trip and is over?

One person is left over, and he or she has to leave.

Given how seriously Dean took the idea of saying he was falling in love with Rachel while competing on Yeah.

I don’t see any need to hide it." He didn't specify whether he was talking about his relationship with Danielle L., or his initial relationship with Kristina — or with someone else entirely.

season three star Wells Adams returned to Mexico this season as the bartender, replacing Jorge, and quickly became the Internet's new boyfriend, thanks to his words of advice, above average drink-making, and, you know, actually listening to the women when they speak.

While he's not technically allowed to date anyone on the job, viewers learned there's been sparks between the radio DJ and Danielle Maltby, the soft-spoken nurse from Nick Viall's season, for years.

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